Jean Grossman

Jean A Grossman LLC in Montclair, NJ

Communication Coach, Life Coach, Personal awareness Coach, Personal Coach, Relationship Coach

Jean Grossman

iPEC Certified Coach

International Coach Federation Member

Energy Leadership

My personal experience with a marriage with an alcoholic / addict and a subsequent divorce coupled with 30 years as Communications Coach and Consultant in the corporate world has provided a solid foundation for helping men and women who live or have lived with alcoholics learn communications to minimize family stress and improve their interactions with their partner especially for the sake of their children.

I combine my knowledge, experience and passion to help others find prupose and fulfillment in their lives, usually lives that have been given away to help others.

With 30 years experience as a coach and consulting professional specialized in communication with self and in relationships, I know what it takes to ensure that an individual can operate more effectively for the sake of all concerned. All too often, before - during - and after divorce, men and women lose themselves in their marriage and this gives way to stress that affects those around them.

I am motivated, organized, and a results-oriented individual able to readily facilitate credible communication with my clients. I also design energetic and inspiring programs for individuals who want to make their life count. My customized individual coaching sessions provide fun, education, and experiential exercises to elevate individual's energy & engagement in their lives and work which leads to greater personal satisfaction and success.

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