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Monique Renee Catoggio

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Energy Leadership


Looking back at my life, as young as 8 years old, I remember being fascinated with self-development. My favorite aisle in the book store or library was entitled “Self Help”. Yet, despite the negative connotation it had at that time or what I imagined passersby wondered about me, I was excited by it all…excited about my potential and the potential of others. I have always been curious about why individuals make certain decisions and how their happiness and internal peace are affected by their actions.
Since then, I have pursued my life and my career with vigor to be my very best and to aid others to do the same whether in small or large ways. I strive daily to reach my potential…to be “en pointe,” while understanding that life is a balance and living in the moment provides many “aha” moments. Those are the moments that keep me going!
My desire to leave my imprint among others led me to a career in non-profit early on, which I have been committed to since 1995. I have worked with organizations whose missions have helped to improve the lives of many through healthcare and prevention, personal empowerment, and education. Regardless of my affiliation with these organizations, a common thread in my career has been my connection with others around me—relationships, and conversations about self improvement, fulfillment of goals, spirituality, and simply living an awe-filled, energy-filled life.
As a dancer since the age of three, “en pointe” holds a special meaning for me. Not only is dancing the very best way I express my true self, but it is through dancing that I developed many competencies which I believe helped to make me who I am today: self expression, self love, focus, determination, passion, healthy competition, team work, and a desire to achieve. Add to these my innate qualities of patience, intuition and spirituality, and you have a Coach who can help ignite your passion and help you reach your potential while in balance and on purpose.

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